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As a betting provider based in Cyprus, Linebet has stood for safe and reputable sports betting for many years. The betting offer and the odds can be viewed and researched online (web and app) and betting slips can be prepared quickly and easily. For a long time, Linebet bd had a bad reputation for its odds, but in the meantime it can easily keep up with industry giants such as bwin or bet365. In addition, Linebet has supported sport for years and is committed to promoting young people. Anyone who bets with Linebet is also supporting the sport itself in Bangladesh.


As bets at Linebet can currently only be placed in the lottery sales outlets, no deposit is made into a separate betting account, but you pay the respective betting slip(s) directly. You can do this in cash or by using your credit or Maestro card. To play at Linebet bd, you need a Lotto customer card or a temporary Lotto customer card. This offers you above all security, convenience & service. You can also apply for a provisional or regular customer card free of charge at any retail outlet.

With the provisional card applied for, you can place your bets immediately. These customer cards are intended to prevent underage or banned players from placing bets. Only a few personal details are required for the application, as well as the presentation of the identity card.


As with a classic lottery ticket, payment is made directly upon presentation of the receipt at one of the countless lottery sales outlets. These can be found, for example, in petrol stations or tobacco and magazine shops. A regular Lotto customer card is required for the Linebet payout on site. If you do not yet have one, your winnings will simply be transferred to you.

Super service: If you forget to redeem your successful betting slip and collect your winnings, they will be transferred to you automatically after a certain period of time. If you wish, you can also be notified of your winnings.


Linebet’s betting offer can be viewed both online and in the retail outlets. The main focus at Linebet bd is clearly on football. Although there are many more sports in the betting programme, you can bet on countless competitions and matches in football, from the Champions League to the Bundesliga and the Regionalliga. In English football, the betting offer also extends down to the Football League Trophy North Group C.

The other sports include tennis, ice hockey, handball, volleyball, basketball, American football, motor sports (e.g. Formula 1), winter sports, darts, boxing, snooker, rugby and cycling.

In addition to just betting & odds, you can also take advantage of various helpful betting services on the homepage or via the official Linebet App. For example, Linebet offers you an incredibly broad and deeply researched range of statistics on the individual competitions, teams, players, matches and, in addition, live scores from all over the world. In the Linebet Fanzone, Linebet’s sports betting blog, you will find detailed betting previews on selected matches, where the focus is primarily on the best betting opportunities.

While the odds were Linebet’s problem child for a long time, they are now on a par with those of bwin or even the industry giant Bet365 in competitions such as the Bundesliga, 2nd Bundesliga or Champions League. The reason for the fluctuations at that time was the state character, i.e. the financial levies that were diverted for various purposes. Now all bookmakers are treated equally, so that the odds have stabilized at a high level. Only the basic fee of 50 to 80 taka per betting slip could be a problem for low stakes. However, it should be said that this money is used, among other things, to promote the diversity of Bangla sport. The combination requirement has also been a thing of the past for some time. In the meantime, all tips can be played as individual bets at Linebet as well.

Customer support

Linebet offers all customers, divided according to the respective federal state, three different means and information to obtain. In addition to content-related questions about placing bets, conditions and the different types of bets offered, a lot of space is also given to addiction prevention and help.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In the FAQ section, the most frequently asked questions are clearly sorted and answered. This includes an extensive glossary, which explains the types of bets offered in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. So if you’ve always wanted to know what a system or handicap bet is, you’ll find all the information you need in the FAQ section and in the Linebet.

  • E-mail/ Facebook Support

You also have the possibility to ask your very specific and personal questions by e-mail or via the official Facebook page (@Linebet). You will usually receive a comprehensive and absolutely satisfactory answer from Linebet within 24 hours.

  • Hotline

If you don’t want to wait that long, you can also call the free hotline during normal opening hours (varies from federal state to federal state). Furthermore, there is the possibility to contact Linebet directly via Skype-Call.


Linebet is the state-owned provider of sports betting. The product was first introduced in 2007 and operates according to the strictest data protection guidelines and consumer protection standards. Nowhere can you place your bet more responsibly and securely. Furthermore, by placing your bets with Linebet bd, you are supporting the bangla sports landscape.

At Linebet you will never be confronted with difficulties regarding payout, rejection of bets or other inconveniences. It should be said, however, that we have never had such negative experiences with any of the providers in our betting provider comparison.


At Linebet, no registration is necessary in the usual sense of online bookmakers. Simply go to a lottery retailer of your choice and ask for the temporary lottery customer card. You will be issued this card directly upon presentation of your ID and can then immediately place and pay for your desired bet.

Linebet betting bonus for new customers

Since Linebet is not an online platform where you can deposit funds into an account, there is of course no sports betting new customer bonus. Here, you pay for each betting slip directly at the acceptance point in cash or with a card.

However, until 21.12.2020 you can secure a 500 taka betting voucher without deposit via Linebet. The credit is available for the new newsletter registration with the betting provider, here you can find all the information about the 500 taka free at Linebet.


The official Linebet App is really powerful and helpful cricket betting app as its said on https://cricketbettingapp.in/ . Not only can you view and track all the games and bets on offer, you can also create your betting slip, set the stake and view the nearest betting shop, including the route.

The app creates a barcode that you can easily and conveniently have scanned at any Lotto petrol station or kiosk. You then get your personal game receipt printed out and can look forward to the upcoming matches. If you wish, you can also receive a goal alarm and other push notifications via the app.

Android users can download the Linebet Sport app free of charge from the Playstore. iOS users can find the app as usual in the Appstore.


Linebet regularly offers really strong odds boosts via the homepage or the app, with odds increasing by up to 30%. At Linebet, these bets are called Powerplay and are easy to find and select via the respective sport and competitions.


How can I place bets with Linebet?

You can research your Linebet bets online via the homepage or the official app and also prepare betting slips. Finally, the bet can be paid in cash or by card.

Can I also place bets online at Linebet?

Currently, it is not possible to place bets online at Linebet. It is said that the state-owned provider is working on making this possible via the app and homepage, but as of now we still have to be patient.

Do I have to pay Linebet betting tax?

Fortunately, no 5% betting tax has to be paid at Linebet, but there is a fee of 50 to 80 taka per betting slip. With high stakes or winnings, this is of course a great advantage, but with small amounts or many bets, this could become a disadvantage.

What are the advantages of Linebet?

Linebet is a highly reputable, state-owned betting provider that stands for transparency and trust. The customer service is excellent and the odds are absolutely respectable. In addition, there are daily odds boosts of up to 30%. You can also expect a 500 taka free betting voucher. Linebet actively supports Bangla sport, which you also support through the betting slip fee.

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