Liverpool’ Henderson and Robertson warns VAR after Brighton draw

Liverpool is in a complete state of melancholy in regard to the inconsistency present in VAR Decision making Process. Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson and Scotland skipper Andrew Robertson shared their disappointment with VAR after the controversial fixture against Brighton and Hove Albion last weekend.

There are many new rules and changes implemented in the 2020-21 Premier League because of the pandemic restrictions, completely ruining the interest and motivation among the players and Football lovers.

The 26-year-old world-class defender Andrew Robertson claims to see full responsibility from now, on the referee’s hands.

The left-back was involved in the eighth VAR put up against the Merseyside Giants this season for causing a stoppage time-foul penalty to Danny Welbeck, enabling Brighton to equalize in a 1-1 draw.

Jordan Henderson, Andrew Robertson, and other Liverpool players in strong disguise against VAR

The Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson said:

It is not only affecting players, but it is affecting the whole game. I used to love going to games and just being in that moment of being able to celebrate a goal. That is being taken out of the game a wee bit.

Now you are waiting two or three minutes to see if a goal is onside or offside and for me, if it is that tight, then leave it to whatever decision was originally made.

I don’t want to speak for anybody else but in my opinion, I would [do away with VAR]. I just want to play football as normal,” Henderson continued.

-Jordan Henderson

Robertson insisted upon having a uniform consistency in VAR decisions in the future, a panel consisting of former professionals from across the sport to lead a smooth play avoiding confusions and controversies. The Scottish left-back also stated:

But I was also watching the games yesterday and I saw two very similar instances on Marcus Rashford and Adama Traore that went unpunished and looked very very similar

I think consistency is the best thing. We believed we would be getting that with VAR and we are not getting it right now.

Maybe ex-footballers, ex-managers, and ex-referees should be involved in some of the decision-making that is happening now or rather leave things to the referee’s naked eye.

-Andrew Robertson

The latest injured James Milner also shared his wide influencing opinion regarding the recent changes brought about in the game and its bad impact caused to the audience watching with huge love towards the game.

The Liverpool Manager is struggling hard to bring his injured players back on track, fighting for the actual truth. The Reds are currently second on the Premier League table with 21 points, while Tottenham Hotspur leading the chase with the same points.

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