Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp blasts at broadcasters over schedule, citing it as a reason for player injuries

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp called for an agitated attack on broadcasters over player’s welfare amid the Premier League’s tight fixture schedules.

Klopp blasted Sky and BT Sports in his post-match interview, urging the broadcasters to allow players more time to recover between games.

The pandemic enforced delay to the start of the Premier League season and left players with more testing and quarantine procedures, for ensuring welfare and safety.

The condensed schedule is leading to increased player injuries, with Liverpool the highest number to report for emergencies.

Klopp is furious with the situation, with Liverpool having lost a number of key players to injury already, midfielder Naby Keita becoming the latest casualty during Sunday’s 3-0 win. 

Naby Keita, being the latest injured, sustained by the Premier League champions

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp blames Broadcasts for rustic player injuries: ‘You Don’t care’

Klopp said that the pandemic had forced football into making many changes over the last few months.

This had dismissed suggestions that it would be difficult to adjust the schedule to give squads more time to recuperate.

“It’s really difficult for the players, that’s what is difficult. The rest is just a decision on a desk in an office. That sounds not difficult for me.  

-Jurgen Klopp

Critics questioned Klopp and Man City’s boss Pep Guardiola’s desperate likes to have five substitutes when they refuse to have the allowed three.

Why we change late is because we constantly have to think that somebody will go down with an injury. We cannot change early, because we change early and the other one has an injury, and you end the game with nine players,” Klopp said to the Broadcasters.

Sky and BT have to talk because if we keep playing Wednesday and Saturday at 12:30, I’m not sure if we will finish the season with 11 players. All the top six or seven. But I know you don’t care.  

-Jurgen Klopp

“People tell us to rotate – who? We have offensive players to rotate, yes, the rest are kids. That’s how it is. It’s all OK, we fight with what we have”, Klopp stated

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