Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne hit back at football rules changed in recent years


Manchester City stand-in skipper Kevin De Bruyne left frustrated on Saturday after the team missed out on a goal that ruled out to be a handball after VAR intervention.

Recent years saw many consistent changes in the Football rules and players felt unpleased to abide by these conversions.

Citizens were saddened by Aymeric Laporte’s first-half equalizer against Tottenham Hotspur in Saturday’s 2-0 loss was ruled out because the pitch-side monitor showed a Gabriel Jesus’ handball in the buildup.

Jose Mourinho led Tottenham Hotspur eventually defeated Manchester City 2-0 with goals from Son Heun-Min and Giovani Lo Celso. But the results could have been different if it was not for the handball incident.

Most fans and commentators are unsure about the handball incident, saying that it is a border-line decision and could have gone either way. The scoreline would be 1-1 if the goal had allowed, giving hope for the citizen’s game.

Manchester City are struggling this season in English Premier League, with just 12 points from 8 fixtures, sits at 13th position.

The Handball rules retain Inconsistency, says Kevin De Bruyne

The 29-year-old Belgian international, De Bruyne pointed to his sleeve and said,

I don’t know the rules anymore, honestly. I thought if it was above the arm here it’s not handball anymore with the law changes.

I’ve been playing professional football for about 12 years and the first nine years there were no rule changes, and in the last three years, there’s been a lot. I don’t know why.

Football is such a nice game. The guys who make the rules should be people in the game.

-Kevin De Bruyne

Defenders have had a tough time adapting to the recent changes after being guilty of their fixtures against Spurs. Referees deem their arms to be in unnatural positions even when it is virtually impossible to avoid contact with the ball.

The current interpretation has led to unfair decisions which had caused growing frustration and discomfort in the sport, stated Aleksander Ceferin, UEFA President.

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