Manchester United’s Edinson Cavani Handed Three-Match Ban


Edinson Cavani was the subject to an investigation regarding a social statement he made, which was considered racist to some extent. Manchester United’s forward Edinson Cavani has been slapped with a three-match ban as well as a fine of £100,000 by the FA for ‘misconduct for a breach of FA Rule E3’.

The 33-year-old joined Manchester United on a free transfer and was bestowed with the Number 7 jersey on arrival. He has made a pretty big impact since. Despite coming on as a substitute most of the time, he has managed to score 4 goals and assist a couple.

His best performance came in the comeback 2-3 win against Southampton. Cavani came in at half-time and contributed to all three goals. He assisted 1 and scored the remaining 2. Unfortunately, it was also after this match that his controversial post was made.


After the match, the Uruguayan was receiving heaps of praises from his friends and teammates. Replying to one such friend, he implied him as “Negrito”.

Cavani may not have intended any foul meaning when he said this, as these types of indications are considered a friendly gesture in South America and many other countries. But under the eyes of the FA, it’s not the same.

“I apologise if I offended someone with an expression of affection towards a friend, nothing further in my intention. Those who know me know that my effort always seeks the simplest joy and friendship!”

– Cavani apologized via a tweet

As soon as he was informed that this message could provoke trouble, he deleted it. But it was too late. Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer defended the player on various occasions and implied that he was not aware of how severe the term meant in England.


According to BBC Sports, Cavani must complete a face-to-face education programme along with the ban and the fine. Garry Nevile had insisted earlier that players coming from abroad must be introduced to the respective country’s education system.

“Every time there’s an alleged offence of racism or there is an offence of racism or someone is offended by a word that’s not appropriate, we hear the word ‘education’, we hear the word ‘training’ and still football is incapable of putting a curriculum in place for its players, its members, its fans that is compulsory.

‘Why is Edinson Cavani not subjected to diversity inclusion training and education the minute he comes into this country?

– Garry Neville

With the ban taking place effectively, Edinson Cavani is set to miss 3 matches, starting from today. This will certainly be a huge blow for the Red Devils with important back to back fixtures coming up.

He will not be able to play the New Year Premier League fixture against Aston Villa, Manchester City(Carabao Cup), and Watford(FA Cup).

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