Mbappe-Neymar feud calmed down by Ramos


Sergio Ramos grabbed the headlines this week for acting as a mediator in the Mbappe-Neymar feud. The former Real Captain stepped in as Paris Saint Germain asked the 4 times UCL winner to calm down the feud between Neymar and Mbappe. The duo fell out of order as Neymar denied Mbappe taking a penalty as the latter already missed one. Christopher Galtier played down any rumors of increasing tension between Mbappe and Neymar. The coach sees it as an internal matter that would be solved within the club’s premises.

Tensions increased both on and off the pitch as Mbappe asked Neymar for the penalty with the Brazilian refusing. Kylian Mbappe seemed to be in a bad mood after returning from his injury. This was not taken well by Neymar and co who felt he has too much freedom to do whatever he wants. With tension getting in the dressing room, Sergio Ramos had to intervene in the matter to make sure all was good. This also comes from Last month’s conflict between Messi and Mbappe who had different views about the future of Neymar.

Kylian Mbappe is not a fan of the Brazilian’s lack of discipline in the dressing room as well as on the pitch. The fallout further intensified after Neymar liked a social media post slamming Mbappe and his metaphoric ownership of PSG. Galtier also confirmed that Mbappe is the team’s main penalty taker but they chose Neymar and Mbappe for that particular match. Mbappe’s behavior in the match was criticized by Pundits and fans all across the globe.

Mbappe shove Lionel Messi

Another Incident was seen catching the eyes of supporters on screen. Kylian was seen giving Lionel Messi a shove just before the second penalty of the game. Earlier People thought of it as an accidental thing but fans claim that it was not something done by mistake. Fans are slamming Mbappe all over social media for his disciplinary actions toward Neymar and now towards someone like Messi.

The greatest player of all time may not have reacted to the shove but the world did. Mbappe’s big ego and money power are left in the mud as the Frenchman finds himself in big trouble. Wayne Rooney even claimed that Nobody has the stature to show Lionel Messi his attitude, let alone push him. Things are happening at PSG. The club has to make sure that these individual privileges must stop.

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