Messi and Ronaldo: Reliving Their Best 6 Moments Against Each Other

Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo during The Best FIFA Football Awards/Photo: Business Insider

The wave of anticipation had already started to take over fans since FC Barcelona drew against Juventus F.C. in the UEFA Champions League group stage draw.

However, the adrenaline rush is now doubled as the most enticing and thrilling match of the year will take place tonight — where two titans, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will go head-to-head to put on a masterclass performance along with their squad.

Ever since Ronaldo’s departure from Real Madrid to Serie A leaders Juventus, the former rivals were entitled to reunite earlier at the Allianz Arena.

But having being tested positive for Covid-19, Ronaldo missed the first leg. Yet the Bianconeri will now march down the alleys of Catalonia, for one hell of a face-off in the Camp Nou.

Also having said that, the two are still rolling strong amidst being in their 30s, and have likewise etched their names into football’s greatest.

So let’s relive the best of the best moments the dominant duo have against each other.

Ridiculously Insane Ronaldo, April 2011

Need a hand to reach the mouth of glory? Kindly contact Cristiano Ronaldo.

The numero 7 defeated Los Azulgranas during the Copa del Rey final with a single yet brilliant header.

Di Maria’s mighty cross up above Adriano in the 90th minute was successfully tackled by the Portuguese.

The amazing goal later helped Real bring the Copa del Rey trophy back home after almost two decades.

One Man Show, April 2011

Without any argument, it was one of the best goals that determined Barcelona’s triumph over the visitors, Real Madrid.

A tiny toss from Busquets gave Leo the lead.

The Argentine genius then single-handedly waltzed past a bunch of Madrid players, before rolling the ball past Iker Casillas in the 76th minute, thereby leaving him in a state of complete haplessness.

Messi & Ronaldo: Calma Calma, October 2012

This match turned out to be an epitome of greatness, as both, Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo displayed a stunning performance that night.

Los Blancos ruled the first half, and were the frontrunners because of Ronaldo, who silenced the Camp Nou after netting a fab goal.

Though after eight minutes or so, the score was equalized by Messi as Pepe’s attempted header fell right into the Argentine’s path, who then tapped in past Iker Casillas.

Later, Messi’s brilliant free-kick to the left of Casillas made the Blaugrana dominate the second half. But Real managed to balance the score when Mesut Ozil glided the ball towards Ronaldo, who put a powerful yet low strike, outshining Victor Valdes’ and his gloves.

Hat-trick Hero, March 2014

The rivalry rumble between the Spanish giants never displeases anyone. Likewise, the 2013-14 Clasico also turned out to be captivating in the eyes of the world.

The evening was started off by Andres Iniesta and his early 7th-minute goal, but the whites soon fought back as Karim Benzema topped two goals in a matter of four minutes.

But the Argentine, who was on his hot plate, tied up the score to 2-2 just before half time.

However, in the second half, Ronaldo, stood up to retrieved a penalty, putting Madrid to the fore. But a tiny nimble with Neymar sent Sergio Ramos off the pitch, which made Leo Messi draw the score to 3-3.

In the final minutes, Iniesta was jammed with Xabi Alonso, which once again made Messi find the back of the net and become the all-time top scorer.

Behold The Boss Bernabeu, April 2017

El Clasico night. Casemiro’s goal at the 22nd minute put Real Madrid ahead of the Catalan giants. But Madrid’s hope was chalked out after Messi stroke a superb individual goal.

Ivan Rakitic then put the visitors up front, before Sergio Ramos was entwined in a challenge with Messi.

Despite being ten men down, Los Blancos somehow tallied the score.

Barça, however, restored their winning streak after Sergio Roberto made a long run from the midfield and found Andre Gomes — who knocked the ball over to Jordi Alba, who then rolled it towards the little magician, helping him net his 500th goal right past Keylor Navas during the 92nd minute, thereby leaving the whole of Santiago Bernabeu wounded.

Messi & Ronaldo: Bittersweet Victory, August 2017

The second half of the Spanish Super Cup was enthralling, unlike the first one which turned out to be pretty pale.

In the 50th minute, Gerard Pique tiptoed Marcelo’s cross into his own net, putting Real Madrid ahead in the competition. But soon the score was levelled by Leo Messi with a penalty, which was offered in regards to Keylor Navas’ foul on Luis Suarez.

The match further went on to be tempting when Ronaldo doubled Madrid’s lead in the 80th minute, after coming on as a substitute. He was however booked for mimicking a Messi-like celebration, and even further for pushing the referee whilst making his way off the field.

Even with being 10 men down, Madrid’s goal-scoring streak was nicely wrapped up by Marco Asensio in the 90th minute, who then left the Camp Nou by scooping 3 points right under the nose of their rivals.

Can we expect another special moment for both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo on Tuesday Night?

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