Mikel Arteta treatment of Mesut Ozil proves he is getting better at managing Arsenal


It is no secret that Mikel Arteta is a novice when it comes to managing a football club and he is never going to get everything right straight away, he is and remains on a massive learning curve.

He did start off well when he took over from Unai Emery, however, there were clearly some issues that required sorting including winning away from home in the league.

Another issue he had clearly got wrong was including Mesut Ozil in his starting XI’s, a rookie mistake if there was ever one.

It is no coincidence that Arsenal finally won a Premier League away game when Ozil was not selected to play but that is a whole separate issue entirely.

You see, stats can be produced to make a case for Ozil and stats can be produced to make a case the other way and it really all is meaningless.

The only really meaningful way of judging any player is by using one’s eyes, it really is that simple and anyone without tunnel vision will know full well that Ozil is no longer Premier League class, nevermind Arsenal standard.

It now seems evident that Arteta has finally clicked on to what the vast majority of Arsenal fans already knew and that is that Ozil is not fit to wear the Arsenal shirt.

It would not surprise me if Ozil does don an Arsenal shirt again, Arteta may have no choice due to such a packed schedule of games and injuries piling up but the idea that any team will be selected with Ozil as its focal point is for the birds and Arteta knows that.

No doubt the fast dwindling Ozil fan base will defend their idol but very few are listening to them any more and that now includes Mikel Arteta and it shows quite clearly that the Spaniard is learning fast and that can only be a good thing.

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