Neymar to appear in Fortnite with a new skin in the new season


Neymar would be the first sports star featured in Fortnite. From April 27, tomorrow, Fortnite players will be able to play as the Brazilian skillster. Players will be able to complete quests, unlock his outfit and variations. Moreover, players will be able to participate in the cup that is dedicated to Neymar. 

The official Fortnite Twitter account shared a video two days before the official release of the PSG player’s skin on Fortnite. They were proud to announce the Brazilian’s arrival on the Battle Royale. Two variants of Neymar’s skin are available as well as two other skins of the footballer in very colorful metallic suits.

The mains colors are the Brazilian flag : green, blue and yellow. To further celebrate Neymar’s arrival in Fortnite, there will be special courses in Creative Mode that are themed after Paris.

By the way, here are the quests related to Neymar Jr and the rewards they provide. The first quest is to talk to a character related to football and complete 3 football-related character quests. Moreover, players have to complete 5 related quests. Finally, have to do three actions like Neymar.

Exceptional partnership between Neymar and Fortnite

Finally, and from April 28, it will be possible to participate in the Neymar Cup in Fortnite to try to win a pair of personalized shoes and other rewards. The best players in each region of this solo tournament will receive a copy of these commemorative items. 

After the rapper Travis Scott, Fortnite continues its mercato with Neymar. The successful video game intends to multiply partnerships in sports “in 2021-2022”. The objective is clear: to expand its universe in an important year with the Euro or the Tokyo Olympics in sight.

As soon as the new season was announced, there was a rumor of a partnership between Neymar Jr, player of Paris-Saint-Germain, and Fortnite. After a bit of a wait, the content dedicated to him arrives in-game. 

The choice of Neymar is explained by several factors. Firstly, the Parisian #10 is followed on social networks by a large number of fans of the video game. In addition, he regularly broadcasts his games live on Twitch. Other icons of the sports world could follow and soon announce other partnerships.

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