Nicolo Rovella to join Juventus training squad

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Nicolo Rovella the twenty-year-old talent from Segrate, can see himself training with Juventus for next year’s pre-season. Genoa landed him last year in January but as of now, he might set foot in the Allianz Stadium, Turin.

La Gazzetta Dello Sport claimed that Juventus are ready to see him play during their pre-season for the 2022/23 season. After that, the youngster could see himself playing under Maximilliano Allegri if he proves his worth.

Rovella: A Juventus target

The Bianconeri have seen a significant dip in quality regarding the center part of the Allianz Stadium. Players like Arthur Melo and Adrien Rabiot might leave the club which forces the zebras to bring in midfielders.

Apart from Rovella, Juventus already had Fabio Miretti, Nicolo Fagioli, and last but not the least, Paul Pogba. Just in case Allegri succeeds in training the first two midfielders, the Old Lady can boast an ‘All Italian Midfield’ in the near future.

Should he sign for Juventus?

Nicolo Rovella played more than 50 matches in all competitions for Genoa this year. The youngster looks like he can bring more to the table if met with enough support. In the same vein, Juventus has always been a club that supported future talents. This seems to be the perfect match for Rovella to grow as a footballer and find glory.

As previously mentioned, a lot of players are leaving the Bianconeri because Allegri hasn’t spelled silverware in a while. In a state of rebuilding, Juventus signing new players is the only way. The club would make use of every resource they can gather and Rovella is considered to be one. All this can eventually lead to an increase in the player’s weekly wages as well.

How will Juventus help him?

Manchester United has parted ways with Juventus’ ex-player Paul Pogba this year. The situation is slowly bringing him towards Turin and it’s just a matter of time. The Frenchman brings a lot of experience along with him. Which eventually will lead to inspiring the youngster to do better.

The World Cup winner has contributed to 37 goals during his 2-year service for Juventus from 2014-to 16 before leaving for Old Trafford. Nicolo Rovella has a huge advantage playing alongside the likes of Locatelli, Leonardo Bonucci, and Winston McKennie and developing his gameplay.

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