Odisha FC announces Global Football Alliance initiative

Football Express

Odisha FC is delighted to announce its latest groundbreaking initiative, the introduction of the Global Football Alliance. The concept will enable the Club to lead the way in enhancing their activities on and off the pitch. 

Under the umbrella of GFA, Odisha FC will seek to partner with football clubs worldwide that share its ethos, passion, and aspirations to drive change on and off the pitch.

The visionary and groundbreaking initiative in Indian football will also enhance the prospects for the Indian National Team as youth players from Odisha will be sent to the respective academies to improve all aspects of their game.

Odisha FC Club President Mr. Raj Athwal explained,

It’s important we lay the foundations for the future of Odisha Football Club and explore ways to become sustainable on and off the pitch. From a football perspective, the youth players from the Odisha squad will have the benefit of experiencing different philosophies of coaching, training, strength and conditioning, nutrition and generally all manners of the sport. Over a two three year period, we will no doubt see the emergence of a different quality of player which can only enhance and markedly improve the Indian National Team.

Off the pitch, commercialism and digital activation will transcend the conventional methods whereby organisations in India and overseas will now have the opportunity and ability to market their services to a global demographic by providing a uniform marketing strategy with our respective partners. With the increased use of digitalisation, organisations can have access to an audience of millions spanning different continents with a specific message for their respective target market.” he further added. 

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