Pritam, Amrinder and others are desperate to beat East Bengal in the Derby


Bengal’s ’emotional match’ is on Saturday. Despite being another league match of the Indian Super League, the Green-Maroon team is always desperate to win against SC East Bengal in the Kolkata Derby. Those who have played and those who have not played are all waiting to play this match.

Antonio Habas made the entire team rest on Saturday after winning against the Kerala Blasters. There was a recovery session on Sunday morning. The whole team kept an eye on the SC East Bengal-Jamshedpur match at night. Preparations for the Derby started from Monday.

Amrinder Singh and Liston Colaco have never played this match, on the other hand, Pritam Kotal and Subhasish Bose, the two sons of Bengal, have played this match in plenty. What these four players have to say about Derby……

Amrinder Singh said,

“The Kolkata derby is one of the biggest matches in Asian football. I know how important this match is to the Mariners. It is our job to make them happy. My excitement has increased, thinking that I will play this match for the first time with the green-maroon jersey. This match is special and that’s why as a footballer, the whole team and I want to give our best. However, in this match, there will be tough fighting. It cannot be won easily. “

“There is no reason to underestimate SC East Bengal as we have won the Kerala match. They have some really good footballers on their team. We also saw that their coach made the team well. Our job is to maintain that winning streak of the Kerala match. That’s why we have to be more focused in practice. “

Pritam Kotal said,

“This match is always important being a son of Bengal. I have played many derby matches. I know how happy the fans get when we win this match. This year our style of playing has changed. We are attacking from behind. Attacking football is our main weapon this time. Our team has the ability to score four goals in return for one goal. The coach is making the strategy that way. There is no reason to worry about the defence. The mistakes made in the Kerala match should be taken care of so that it can be avoided in the Derby. “

“I watched the first match of East Bengal. There are two or three good foreigners. Perosevic, the number seven-player, I find him very skilled. Despite a draw, they did not play badly. We won two derbies in last year’s ISL. This time also that will continue. I am confident in this regard. We will win, we shall play with this attitude. We have to win. “

Subhasish Bose said,

“Derby drives any Bengali footballer like me with emotion and excitement. But I never let emotion overrule the game. It is just another match for me. We have to win this match like any other match. Both teams will play the second match of the competition. No one has been tested that way yet. As a result, we have to be careful. “

“I watched the game of SC East Bengal. Although they could not win, they played well. I saw from where they were attacking. The coach also watched. All the tactics have been practiced in our team’s pre-preparation camp. Preparations have started on how the coach will make the team play. I want to think about Derby for now. The supporters are happy when the team wins.”

Liston Colaco said,

“I have heard about this match from a young age. I have also heard its importance to the club from those who have come from Goa to Kolkata to play. If the coach selects me, then I will play this match in a green-maroon jersey for the first time. And the dream I have cherished for so long, for which I am playing in the Kolkata team, I will try and succeed. This means we will score and win the Derby. “

“I watched East Bengal’s game. I am optimistic about winning the way we have started playing. The seniors are motivated to play better in many ways after scoring in the Kerala match. The coach is also correcting the mistakes. Let’s see if I can score another goal like the Kerala match. “

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