PSG boss faces Galtier for comments made during a press conference


PSG boss Christopher Galtier and Mbappe faced a massive backlash from the French public for comments made during the post-game press conference. Paris SG faced Nantes on matchday of Ligue 1. The squad used a private jet to cover the distance for the travel to Nantes. A usual journey from Paris to Nates takes two and a half-hour by train. The club, however, chose to use air services even for such a short distance.

The controversy started when a senior French train operator SNCF official took to Twitter.  The official tweeted;

 “Paris-Nantes is less than two hours by TGV.” “I reiterate my request for a TGV offer tailored to your requirements in the interests of security, speed, services, and eco-mobility.”

PSG duo’s comments face massive backlash

When the journalist questioned the relatively ignorant choice to travel by a private jet, the Paris duo didn’t seem too eager to respond. Manager Galtier chose to crack a joke instead, while Mbappe refused to answer but bent down laughing at the supposed joke. He said;

“This morning, we talked about it with the company which organises our trips, and we’re looking into travelling on sand yachts,”

The comments and the duo’s negligence towards the concern faced heavy backlash from the general public and politicians alike. Paris mayor Anne Hildago hit back through a tweet;

“Are you serious, responding like this?” “Wake up, guys?”

The general public reacted to PSG’s ignorance of climate change issues. French sports minister Amelie Oudea Castera tweeted;

“We’ve become used to more relevant and responsible reactions than this. Should we discuss?”

PSG comfortably won the match against Nantes with a 3-0 score line. However, the negligence on the club’s part has brought serious and much-needed questions about travel convenience. This comes after serious global debates about the severe impacts of worsening climate conditions that have led to heat waves, droughts, and floods in many areas of the world.

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