PSG manager Christopher Galtier talks about the MNM trio


PSG has had a very lively start to the new season. The French champions seem to have understood their past wrongdoings. Instead of splashing money on any big star available in the market, someone they can market, the club is looking to build a project. And who better build a new project other than Luis Campos? As displayed by the master, Campos can transform a side through a competent project. Galtier was brought in to replace Mauricio Pochettino.

One of the most pressing issues Galtier had to address was the Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe trio. A lot was expected from the MNM trio last season. But they failed to display chemistry between them.

Galtier’s tactical decision.

During the first two games of the season, against Clemont Foot and Montpellier, Neymar and Messi operated within the half spaces and close to each other. The width was provided by the two attacking-minded wingbacks, Hakimi and Mendes. Against LOSC, however, Galtier positioned both the players to offer a bit more width. Due to this, they played away from each other. Galtier, in the post-match press conference, clarified that the decision was made to suit the attacking trio. A critical prerequisite for the new system was the role of Mbappe. He said;

“The set-up changes with the presence of Kylian Mbappe. We’re trying to find the best balance possible. Leo, Kylian and Ney played like this last season but in a different formation. Tonight, they played for each other.

“Even when the game was decided, they tracked back and worked together. I enjoyed their desire to play together.

Paris SG looks more dangerous under Galtier. They attack and defend with clear intent. The director and the coach have to manage the off-field disturbances. PSG will surely be a strong candidate for the Champions League title this season.

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