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Real Madrid has lost one of its main forwards to an injury. Karim Benzema has had muscle fatigue in his left quadricep muscle in the past few weeks. The injury has consequently left him on the bench for recuperation. He has been recovering but in light of his recent training session which was accompanied by statements from Ancelotti left a shadow of doubt in the hearts of the fans.

 “After training, he did not feel comfortable, he did a test. There’s no problem but we have to take into account how he feels,” Ancelotti said of Benzema.

“There are clinical tests, that say there’s no problem, but after that, here’s how the player feels. And he says he’s not 100 per cent.”

Real Madrid is looking to replace Benzema with Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has once again fallen under the radar of the January transfer now that he’s out of Manchester United. Now that Real Madrid’s captain and forward hasn’t been in action and little is known about the timings of his return, many fans have been discussing his return to the club. However, as reported by AS, at Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo’s return hasn’t been considered. Ronaldo is without a doubt one of the greatest players in the history of Real Madrid. However, the current Ronaldo isn’t the best fit for Real Madrid’s program of the current team. Ronaldo himself is fully focused on the world cup and it is highly unlikely that he will make a move in the January transfer.

It can also be said that despite scoring 24 goals for Man. United, his age is also catching up with him.  He will be celebrating his 38th birthday soon and his physicality will prove to be a hindrance in his contribution to the teams which operate at a high level.

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