Real Madrid supporters were taken aback by the strange sight

Real Madrid

Real Madrid supporters were shocked as the Cibeles fountain was decorated in red and blue.

The British Monarchy lost its longest-ruling queen, Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen of England died on 8th September, bringing an end to her 70 years of rule. Tributes from all around the world reached the monarchy. Madrid, the capital of Spain, too paid tribute to her demise. The Mayor of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, declared three-day mourning in Madrid. The conservative politician is a known anglophile.

As a tribute to the Queen’s loss, he marked her death through important landmarks around the capital city.

Real Madrid supporters were surprised by the uncharacteristic sight in Madrid

One of the landmarks was the Cibeles fountain. The Cibeles fountains hold a special place for the Real Madrid loyal. The supporters of Los Blancos celebrate a trophy win or any significant win in the area around the Cibeles fountain. As a mark, the fountain was decorated in red and blue colours, signifying the colours of the England national flag on orders by the mayor.

Due to this, Real Madrid fans passing through the fountain saw the rare sighting of colours that belong to their arch-rivals FC Barcelona. The red and blue colours are predominantly colours that the Catalan club owns as part of its legacy. These colours signify their Blaugrana colours.

This was an uncharacteristic sighting for the Madrid fans. Many supporters of Barcelona took to Twitter to announce the sighting. Some even applauded president Joan Laporta for his effort in putting the colours in the capital city.

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