Recent stats show best dribbler in football at the moment

The list of the best young dribbler in world football has been unveiled. The Premier League player ranked highest is to astonish fans. Few things in football are as thrilling as witnessing a player weave their way past an entire opposition team.

Jamie Tartt’s impressive run against Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City in AFC Richmond’s recent match was truly captivating. Particularly considering its significance compared to Joao Felix’s attempt against Manchester United. That occurred when his team was already trailing 4-0. Regardless of the outcome, a successful dribble never fails to excite fans and keep statisticians busy.

Meanwhile, Vinicius Jr gained recognition as one of the top dribblers in the world. Regrettably, the Real Madrid forward is currently facing the distressing issue of racist abuse. However, there was a remarkable display of support for him on Wednesday night. Since the home fans showered him with a tremendous ovation during Real’s match against Rayo Vallecano.

Who emerged as the top dribbler according to statistics?

According to the latest list from CIES Observatory, Vinicius Jr has been crowned the best young dribbler in the world. This ranking is based on criteria such as the frequency of dribbles per minute, the success rate of dribbles, and the level of competition in the league. Vinicius emerged as the top performer among all players under the age of 23 who have accumulated at least 1500 minutes of playing time over the past year.

According to statistical analysis, Vinicius Jr, the former Flamengo forward, records a successful dribble approximately every 15 minutes and 32 seconds, with a completion rate of 50.3%. However, his compatriot Angelo Gabriel boasts even better figures. With a successful dribble occurring every 13 minutes and 56 seconds, coupled with a higher success rate. It’s worth noting, though, that the Brazilian League is considered to be of a lower ranking compared to La Liga.

In a similar vein, Mohammed Kudus from Ajax boasts the highest success rate among the top 20 dribblers. However, it’s worth considering that he operates in a league with relatively lower difficulty. On another note, Brighton’s Facundo Buonanotte, despite being the youngest player in the top 100, surprisingly emerges as the best young dribbler in the Premier League, defying expectations.

Additionally, several other English players have made it into the top 20. This includes Phil Foden, Michael Olise, Gabriel Martinelli, and Bukayo Saka. The Arsenal duo, Saka and Martinelli, have even been considered for inclusion in the team of the season by certain sources.

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