Request filed by Juventus accepted by Italian Football Federation

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The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) accepted Juventus’ plea bargain following a second trial regarding their alleged violation of financial regulations. This season, Juventus faced two points reductions, first a 15-point deduction. But the first one didn’t remain valid. Then a 10-point deduction issued earlier this month. The club reached a plea bargain with the FIGC Prosecutor which was accepted during their second trial on Tuesday. However, former club president Andrea Agnelli opted not to accept any plea agreement and is ready to stand trial on June 15.

These transfer dealing cases are not uncommon as Barcelona also faced almost a similar kind of issue regarding registration of a few players.

For the past few months, Juventus suffered in a scandal involving alleged financial irregularities and false accounting. These were part of their previous transfer activities. This situation has the potential to cause significant upheaval in the Italian football landscape.

Did Juventus get any favor in the trial?

Following today’s trial, Juventus will avoid additional point deductions. But they will need to pay a substantial fine of €718,000. Previously, Juventus sporting director Francesco Calvo hinted that the club would not contest the -10 penalty. Thus expressing their belief that the punishment was unjust and disproportionate. Calvo stated that their focus now lies on the pitch. Since, the trial’s outcome is final and any past grievances are now in the past.

Italian giants’ supporters can find solace in the ultimate decision. Now, Massimiliano Allegri readies his team for a crucial showdown with Udinese on Saturday. Juventus must secure victory and rely on either Roma or Atalanta faltering to secure qualification for the upcoming Europa League campaign.

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