Ronaldo can join Atletico under certain conditions


Manchester United and Cristiano Ronaldo have been in the headlines too much recently. The club and player are not seeing eye to eye over a decision for Ronaldo to stay or leave. Ronaldo has asked his agent to look for other clubs as he intends to leave Old Trafford. But Manchester United have been clear in their stance regarding Cristiano. The Red Devils have made it clear that the Portuguese is not for sale.

This has left the Portuguese striker frustrated with what he is going through. Ronaldo has no intention to play for a club that has not qualified for the Champions League. He has since been looking for a club that is in the champions league. But the likes of Barcelona, Chelsea, and Bayern have all rejected the Portuguese. But Atletico Madrid have been cited as a potential destination for Cristiano.

It is said that Diego Simeone is said to be in favour of the move. Cholo Simeone has faced Ronaldo 5 times in the UCL and Ronaldo has come out on top in 4 of them. But apart from all the rivalry, Simeone feels Ronaldo can be the missing piece in the puzzle and can lead Atletico to glory. Many in the Atletico squad have already started expecting Ronaldo in the next few weeks as a new Atletico player.

Can Atletico Madrid Afford Ronaldo?

The big question that remains unanswered is whether Atletico can afford Cristiano Ronaldo or not. The Rojiblancos are just on margin in terms of their salary structure. They will have to manage certain wage reductions and exits to fit the Portuguese into their team. Sporting-wise, Atletico are open to begin the talks to bring Cristiano to Madrid.

Ronaldo feels his legacy is too big to represent Manchester United in the Europa League. The 37-year-old has asked Jorge Mendes to run his contacts and find a solution for him. He has also agreed to take a 40% wage cut in order to join Atletico. But Jorge Mendes has been told to wait by Atletico because the current situation at Atletico does not allow Ronaldo to fit in.

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