Ronaldo still has quite a lot under the hood, as he shows against PSG


Ever since Cristiano Ronaldo‘s heartbreaking exit from the Real Madrid fit, there have been just two meetings between him and Lionel Messi. However, in the match, Ronaldo demonstrated that he still has quite a lot under the hood as he shows against PSG.

Messi and Ronaldo last shared the pitch in December 2020. It has been 772 days to be exact since then in which Ronaldo’s changed clubs twice. Messi has moved once and won the World Cup in the meantime.

However, both players having reached the ripe age of 35 and 37, it is very unlikely they’ll meet again. Ronaldo having moved to Saudi makes it even more unlikely. The combined XI of Al-Nassr and Al-Hilal players accompanied Ronaldo in his second meet with Messi since La Liga.

Messi lit up the night with a clean finish barely 180 seconds from kickoff. This was equalized by Ronaldo soon enough in the first half, from the spot. Ronaldo grabbed another off his own header.

Ronaldo’s Nutmeg

In his first match since the infamous Manchester United exit, he was bent on putting on a show. The crowd had their money’s worth. In what was a disrespectful little nutmeg on Carlos Soler, the crowd cheered him on. Although he is a shadow of his former self, he sure doesn’t hold back. Ronaldo might not be the flashiest or the best at dribbling with how he has evolved his game, he showed what he’s capable of.

Those in attendance at King Fahd International stadium met this skill with a huge gasp and Ronaldo was clearly enjoying his first outing for his new club.

Even though many might claim Ronaldo’s finished, he proved his haters wrong again as he put on a good performance in what was a friendly game. He is looking to add to his tally and keep up his track record of good starts at a new club.

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