Sandro Tonali to AC Milan saga comes to a conclusion


Sandro Tonali will be an AC Milan player from next season. Last season, he was at the San Siro on a season-long loan from Brescia. He had an average season, but that was enough for the board to sign him. A brief intervention by COVID-19 at the start of the season made it harder for him to assert himself into the team.

Tonali joined Milan on a loan deal worth €10 million with a buy back clause of €15 million. The deal included an additional €10 million as a bonus. He managed to get 37 caps without any involvements on goal. He did take a brilliant penalty in Milan’s penalty shootout against Torino.

AC Milan are having a very busy transfer window. They are planning to make at least 6-7 signings this summer and have been trying to get the best offers. Milan were title contenders last season until injuries ruined everything. More determined than ever, the board has gone all out to secure the best and it’s finally paying off.

Tonali wants to stay at Milan

One of the key factors that bore a fruitful end to the deal was the Tonali’s will to stay at the club. He has been a Milan fan all along and was ready to go to any extend to secure the deal. He has even taken pay cut of almost half a million to keep the deal afloat.

To complete the deal, Milan will pay Brescia €7 million in cash and €3 million as a bonus. Along with that, playmaker Giacomo Olzer will be given as a counterpart.

What season brings

With the departure of Hakan Calhanoglu can give young Tonali a chance to prove himself. He has been touted as the next Pirlo, who also started his career at Brescia.

Two-footed, pin point accuracy and calmness like no other. This lad has it all to beat Pirlo.

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