Sassuolo could be saved from the green kit ban in Serie A


In a bizarre move last week, Serie A decided to ban green kit from the beginning of the 2022-23 season. But fans of Sassuolo can breathe a sigh of relief as they could be exempted.

According to reports from Football Italia, Sassuolo will not have to abandon their green kits. Serie A has only disallowed kits where green is the predominant colour. Sassuolo have a combination of black and green stripes.

The new move by Serie A to ban green kits are said to be on the request of broadcasters. The issue raised is that the green colour on the jersey blends in with the background of the pitch, making it a difficult view for the television or streaming viewers.


The ban of green kits came as a surprise for many. However, the rule is only applicable to the outfield players and goalkeepers are exempted. Though the rule will come into effect from the 2022-23 season, it still affects clubs that have a traditional green jersey.

This includes Sassuolo, who wear the black and green striped kits and the newly-promoted side Venezia who wears the striped orange, green and black jersey. The clubs already have to deal with the financial fallout of the coronavirus pandemic and having to switch their identity will be a bigger issue.

But if the reports coming out are correct, Sassuolo and Venezia would not have to change their kits. This is because the ban is on kits that are predominantly green. Since both the clubs have multiple colours in them, they won’t be banned.

However, one could expect away kits like the one worn by Lazio season to be not allowed. The move from Serie A has had a lot of mocking online from fans who consider the move to be a little too much. But with the international audiences increasing, broadcasting revenue is becoming a bigger source for clubs. This means that broadcasters could get more say in the decisions that they make.

For now, the rule is still not active for the current season,. Clubs have time to make design changes in their future outfits.

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