Shakira And Gerard Pique In Battle Over Kids Custody

Against Almeria

Footballer Gerard Pique and girlfriend Shakira split up last month as the Barcelona man was found cheating on the World famous singer with a young blonde girl. Since then, their relationship has been in jeopardy and the only thing relating to them now is their kids’ custody.

The Colombian singer is desperate to get her kids’ custody and will be going to any limits to make sure it does happen. It has been reported that the singer has threatened Pique to give her custody or else she will expose all the secrets of the Barca man to defame him.

However, Gerard Pique is not one easy guy to deal with. The footballer refused Shakira to take their kids to Florida and Shakira is now planning on using her Trump card.

” She is willing to do anything, ”

A source revealed.

“It seems like she never realized the kind of person she was living with. Pique always played around but Shakira never doubted his loyalty towards her. But now things are different.”

‘Pique has made an unwanted enemy’

Pique’s infidelity news caught the World by surprise as the couple had been inseparable since the last 10 years. But now according to sources, Pique has dug himself a hole he doesn’t realize the depth of. According to the source, Shakira is not one person to mess with and will make sure everything happens according to her from now on, or else she would take serious steps against the Footballer.

” She knows things about him nobody does. There are some surprises that won’t leave anybody indifferent to the case. They know things that will hurt him a lot . He is going to have a tough time because he knows he has made an unwanted enemy and the damage Shakira can do to her, ”

a source said.

The matter has been handed to Pique’s and Shakira’s respective lawyers. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top and get their kids’ custody.

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