Star of Barcelona admits his weekly salary is less than €10,000


Barcelona‘s financial troubles have driven them to the extreme edge of their pay cap, which has resulted in a variety of accounting scams and price cuts. Hector Bellerin is the best example of this. The ex-La Masia star was born and raised in Barcelona but left when he was 16 to play for Arsenal. He played in La Liga for the first time with Real Betis the previous season, and he joined the Gunners this season on a free transfer.

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In order to achieve this, he has also drastically reduced his salary. Bellerin was questioned about the veracity of the claim that he was making €500k this year when speaking to Diari ARA.

“Yes. Currently, playing football at the top level bothers me.”

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What did the star of Barcelona say?

“I’m fortunate to have been doing this for a long time and to be in a stable financial position that enables me to do what I want. I have a relatively typical existence and we don’t actually need as much as we believe. My priorities are not determined by financial considerations.”

It is unusual for a football player to prioritize lifestyle and ambition over money, yet Bellerin’s contract is nearly as high as the La Liga minimum. After saying that players should pay more tax than everybody else, he is also glad to give away a large portion of it.

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Barcelona’s financial problems have pushed them to the limit of their wage ceiling. Leading to a number of accounting frauds and price reductions. The finest illustration of this is Hector Bellerin.

Born and reared in Barcelona, the former La Masia star departed when he was 16 to join Arsenal. He made his La Liga debut with Real Betis the season before, and this year. He signed for the Gunners on a free transfer.

In order to do this, he has also significantly cut his pay. Bellerin was questioned regarding the accuracy of his assertion to Diari ARA that he was earning €500k this year.

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