The Old Lady’s Scudetto [2011-2020] XI


If Juventus would have won the Serie A this season, it would have been their 10th consecutive Scudetto. While most of the previous seasons were a breeze, last season was close. They appointed club legend Andrea Pirlo as the Manager of the club in a bid to affirm themselves this year. A month ago Inter Milan became Champions of Italy with 5 games in hand.

That was the end of their dreams to be the Champions of Italy for a decade. We must however realize that winning 9 consecutive titles is no joke and it took some fabulous performances to nail down the title every single year. It is an incredible achievement for the players and managers who were a part of this journey to set Juve as one of the most fearsome clubs in Europe.

The Bianconeri have had some of the biggest names of Football set foot at the Allianz Stadium. Here are the top XI of the Scudetto Era.

Juventus’ Scudetto[2011-2020] XI


Gianluigi Buffon[2001 – 2018,2019 – present]

Juventus’ greatest goalkeepers of all time have been involved in 8 of the 9 title runs. A wall that defended the goal, Buffon holds the record for the longest streak without conceding a goal in Serie A history, a feat he achieved in the 2015-16 season. He was involved in their run to the Champions League finals in 2015 and 2017.


Leonardo Bonucci[2010 – 2017,2018 – present]

Bonucci has been in Juve’s defense for most of his playing career. His partnership with Giorgio Chiellini and Andrea Barzagli made the Old Lady’s a very tricky puzzle to solve. He has been in the Serie A Team of the Year 4 times only solidifying his position as one of the best defenders.

Giorgio Chiellini[2005 – present]

Another member of the fearsome Juventus defense, Chiellini was there in Juve’s Scudetto run from start to finish. His performances got him into the Serie A Team of the Year 5 times. Known for his aggressive gameplay Chiellini can be a nightmare for forwards and a threat from set-pieces.

Andrea Barzagli[2011 – 2019]

The final member of Juventus’ unbreakable back-three, Barzagli was considered to be one of the greatest defenders of his generation. His consistent work rate, discipline, and mentality earned him the title of ‘La Roccia'(the rock) from the fans. Apart from that, he is also a 4-time Serie A Team of the Year player.


Andrea Pirlo[2011 – 2015]

The current manager is one of the most renowned playmakers of all time. His vision, ball-control, and free-kick ability made him one of the toughest players to play against. Yet, he was the most cool-headed footballer the world has seen. His command over the game earned him the title of ‘il professore‘(the professor) from the Juve fans.

Claudio Marchisio[2006 – 2018]

One of their own, Marchisio came through the Juventus Youth system and spent most of his career in Turin. Tenacious and versatile, he was a box-to-box midfielder who did not shy to take shots from outside the box. His partnership with Arthuro Vidal and Pirlo worked a well-oiled machine.

Arthuro Vidal[2011 – 2015]

Vidal’s undeniable chemistry with Pirlo and Marchisio made Juve’s midfield a maze that did not have an end. His hard-tackling and aggressive style earned him the nickname ‘Il Guerriero‘(The Warrior). Vidal has performances got him into the Serie A Team of the Year twice.

Paul Pogba[2012-2016]

Pogba joined Juventus in 2012 after struggling to get into the first team at Manchester. During his time at Juventus Pogba won the Golden Boy award in 2013, was a 3 time Serie A Team of the Year player, and was the youngest in the 23-man Ballon d’Or list(2015). His heroics on pitch forced his former club to sign him by breaking their transfer record.


Carlos Tevez[2013 – 2015]

Tevez has been one of the most deadly forwards of the past decade. In his stint with Juventus, he bagged 39 goals in 66 appearances. He was their only goal-scorer in the Champions League finals against Barcelona in 2015. A true finisher who lived up the No.10 jersey he took from club record holder, Alessandro Del Piero.

Paulo Dybala[2015 – present]

Labeled as the next Messi, the young Argentine’s career propelled after his move to Juventus. His glued dribbling and pin-point finishing have earned him the title of  Most Valuable Player of the Serie A in 2020. He has also been named in the Serie A team of the year 4-times.

Cristiano Ronaldo[2018 – present]

How can this list be completed without including a 5-time Ballon d’Or winner, Ronaldo made no exception by capsizing the Serie Alike every other league. He was named Serie A Footballer of the Year and was in the Serie A team of the Year in his 2 years at Turin. He has scored 79 goals for the Old lady in 94 appearances.


Massimiliano Allegri[2014 – 2019]

This was a hard choice between Antonio Conte, the man who started and ended Juventus’ title streak and Allegri. Both of them had their respective strategies that gave them immense success. But we could not hide from noticing that Allegri had a slightly better win rate and had won more Scudettos.

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