The Young Indian artillery is prepared for the long run


Is the young Indian team finally starting to show the fruits of success? Even after failing to qualify for the U-23 Asian Cup, the Indian camp can keep their heads high. This may prove to be a platform that this Indian team desperately needed.


The strength of this team resides in the core itself. It is possibly the first time an Indian youth team has received such backing through investments. From 2015 (mid) to 2017 (mid) this 21st generation of our country has travelled across 18 countries of four continents. In this period they played more than 100 matches. The total sum spent ended up being more than Rs 15 crore.

Other sports usually find it hard to thrive in a country that is solely dominated by a single sport i.e. cricket. Such financial backings are crucial for any team to move forward at an international level.

Thus, the steps that this team have taken towards international glory are based on a foundation that is laid by to crucial elements – support of the citizens and finance from the government. These performances are the reason that the support and the investment have not ended up in a slump.


The India team will be left with a lot of ifs and buts when we look back at their fixtures. They may even feel that fate conspired against their success. There is a thin line that separates reality from imagination. What if Rahul KP found the net instead of the post? What if India got away with the penalty against UAE? This may seem to demean their triumph in the competition.

It is not easy to take on an opponent head to head who is a mile ahead, in a league of their own. Just like others, India has struggled rigorously to deal with opponents who surpass them in terms of technique and quality.

Yet India managed to surpass the expectation of every single one witnessing their attitude and display on and off the field. Most considered India as a team that wasn’t in shape to face top-quality teams in a span of eight days. Such performances act as a glimmer of hope in dark days which may lie in the foreseeable future.


India has always been on the back foot playing cat and mouse chase on the international level. This has been a clear indicator of the cutthroat competition at the top-flight football. In 2015 when Nicole Adam was appointed as the youth team’s coach he emphasized the impact of exposure trips as a way to move ahead with time.

Abhishek Yadav’s involvement with the administration was a major reason for the improvement in communication between the coaches and the management.

The result was clearly highlighted when the team of the U-17 team ended up being the most travelled team. Playing against teams with high quality improved the player’s ability to adapt and develop skilfully.


Nothing is guaranteed even after all the steps that are being taken to improve the current situation of the team. Success is earned after hard work but not based on fortune or luck.

This recent tournament is an indicator of the success that hard work can bring rather than just relying on riches and fate. Most players from the current U-23 have earned their contracts with different ISL teams.

Dheeraj from Goa and Suresh from Bengaluru are regular starters for their teams. With such exposure and game time, they have all the time in the world to explore their skill set to build up their arsenal. However, for a majority of them, they are going to warm the bench. With a lack of game time, they may end up in the dust. The only way they can move forward is by trusting their strengths and move forward.

The current youth team is in good hands. They have everything at their disposal. With a bit of luck and effort, they can make India a competitive nation against the best of best. 

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