Thomas Tuchel was in charge of Bayern Munich, he was all business.

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Thomas Tuchel, was the former Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain manager, has recently taken over as the head coach of Bayern Munich. Despite his previous successful stints at other top clubs, taking charge at Bayern Munich is a completely different ball game. The expectations are higher, the pressure is immense, and the scrutiny is relentless. Therefore, it was crucial for Tuchel to make a strong impression in his first week in charge, and that is precisely what he did.

Tuchel was strictly business in his first week at Bayern Munich. He knew that he had to hit the ground running and establish his authority as the head coach. He did not waste any time in setting up meetings with the players and the club management. He also started working on the tactical aspects of the team and identifying areas that needed improvement.

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Thomas Tuchel was successful for Bayern?

One of the first things that Tuchel did was to hold a team meeting to introduce himself to the players. He emphasized his coaching philosophy and the style of play that he wanted the team to adopt. He also made it clear that he expected the players to work hard and give their best on the field. Tuchel’s no-nonsense approach was evident from the beginning, and the players knew that he meant business.

Tuchel also met with the club management to discuss his plans for the team. He made it clear that he needed their support and backing to succeed. He identified the areas that needed strengthening and suggested some transfer targets. The management was impressed with Tuchel’s preparation and commitment, and they promised to do their best to support him.

Thomas Tuchel also worked on the tactical aspects of the team during his first week in charge. He studied the team’s previous matches and identified the strengths and weaknesses of the players. He then started working on a new system that would suit the team’s strengths and make them more effective on the field. Tuchel’s attention to detail was impressive, and the players were quickly adapting to his new tactics.

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