To establish the final date with Bengaluru FC in the RFDL National Championship, Sudeva defeated RFYC


With a 1-0 victory over the Reliance Foundation Young Champs (RFYC) today in Navi Mumbai, Sudeva Delhi FC quickly advanced to the Reliance Foundation Developmental League (RFDL) finals. They will now face off against Bengaluru FC (BFC) on May 14 at the Reliance Corporate Park (RCP) in the RFDL’s second season finale.

In the 67th minute, the team from the national capital scored when defender Chungkham Jackson executed a deft chipped pass that forward Seilenthang Lotjem expertly brought down and then put it past RFYC goalkeeper Ranit Sarkar to give the visiting team a lead in the game.

After that, Sudeva tightened their defences and stopped the waves of assaults that RFYC later launched against them. The victory is crucial. Because RFYC had easily advanced to the semifinals by going undefeated in both their national group stage matches and regional qualifiers.

However, Sudeva gave it their best. And consistently attempted to penetrate the RF YC backline in a number of ways. Appearing undaunted by the calibre of the opposition they were facing. They attempted to create some openings through the flanks. But ultimately succeeded by using a slightly more direct approach that surprised the RFYC defenders.

Despite not having many chances to score, Seilengthang’s calm finish made sure that Sudeva took advantage of the few opportunities they did manage to create. They were clever in how they handled the game going forward. Frequently taking their time to build up from the back. Moreover, making sure that RFYC didn’t have possession for an adequate amount of time.

The third-place playoff game is on Saturday. And RFYC will be playing ATK Mohun Bagan with the hopes of capping off their season on a high note.

Brief Scores OF Sudeva and RFYC

Sudeva FC 1 (Seilenthang Lotjem 67’) – 0 Reliance Foundation Young Champs

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