Trouble among PSG stars


PSG performances this season have the feeling of a new beginning. For the first time after QSI, things seemed to have changed. The appointment of Luis Campos as the sporting director and Christophe Gatlier as the coach seems to be the start of a new era. An era where they don’t splash out money to buy the greatest of stars without a visible project. Luis Campos is the mastermind behind the resurrection of a lot of clubs. Most recently, the 2016-17 Monaco team. And coach Galtier is one the most proven manager in Lingue 1. His Lille team broke the PSG dominance to win the league in 2021.

For the first time in many years, Paris SG has signed players that the coach and Campos want specifically for the project they are building. All these are welcome changes. The pre=season, as well as the league performances, speak for the new change.

What is wrong with the PSG stars?

One of the most critical issues Galtier has to address is managing the stars’ massive egos. And yet all is not fine for the French champions.

Reports of Mbappe clashing with Neymar in the last matchday against Montpellier set the internet on fire. Fans and spectators called out Mbappe for his massive ego. The Frenchman was lethargic in specific attacking sequences and pitch behavior.

PSG was awarded two penalties during the game. Mbappe missed the first one. Neymar was the one who came forward to take the second penalty. However, Mbappe had different plans as he approached Neymar to ask for the ball. The Frenchman wanted to convert the penalty after missing his first one. However, Neymar refused and scored a well-placed penalty.  

On his way to argue with Neymar, Mbappe casually bumped through Messi, who was quite shocked at this teammate’s behavior. The bump, however, looked to be an honest mistake as Mbappe seemed to be in a bit of a rush.

In one specific attacking sequence. Vitinha was progressing the ball up field. Vitinha had two choices in front of him, Mbappe to his left and Messi to his right. The Portuguese chose to play the ball with Messi. The actions anguished Mbappe. He threw his hand up and walked by the sideline without contributing anything to the attack.

How are the disagreements affecting the side?

The more important question of the hour is what would happen in the Neymar and Mbappe clash. This might bring back flashbacks of Neymar’s disagreements with Cavani a few years ago.  Neymar went to like a series of posts that criticized Mbappe’s behavior. The root of the clash probably lies with Mbappe asking club president Nasser Al-Khelaifi to offload Neymar.

Neymar has been in scintillating form this season with five goals and three assists in three games. With chemistry with Messi is blooming, with the latter regularly looking for his teammate’s movements.

According to the French outlet L’Equipe, Galtier and Campos would hold talks with both the players and look for a way to dissolve the disagreements.

PSG would like to put the controversies behind and continue to work on the new project, as a lot is expected from them this season.

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