Weird Habits Practised by Football Players

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Superstitious and weird habits are all around town because we are all different and we follow different ideas of life. However, when associated with some of the most famous personalities on the planet and especially when it becomes weird, you are bound to take a moment and wonder, really?.

As the title suggests, today we are going to be looking into some weird habits followed by famous footballers. As superstitions go, these are as weird as it gets. 

John Terry

England and Club legend John Terry is known for being superstitious and we are going to tell you how. At Chelsea, Terry revealed he had around 50 superstitions and a few of them were parking his car at the same spot, sitting in the same place on the bus and also listening to the same Usher album. 

Since Terry had a long and successful career, we believe his practices have paid off. We are not promoting his practices but merely telling you what it is.

Bhaichung Bhutia

Former Indian national footballer, Bhaiching Bhutia is also a part of this list and you might be wondering how. Rumour has it that the striker, who goes by the name ‘Sikkimese Sniper’ is known to be a fan of the game Teen Patti and plays the game before entering the pitch. 

However, his hunger for goals and commitment made bigger headlines and deservedly so. Throughout his career, Bhutia has looked to promote the game to the best of his abilities.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Yes, that’s right. One of the greatest football players of all time also requires a bit of luck and he gets it by being the last one out of the tunnel when going into the game. While stepping foot on the pitch, Ronaldo always places his right foot on the turf first and then makes a leap as high as possible.

It has been known to be a common practice for the legend and that he has been practising the same for years. While there are more rumours about what he does and what he does not do, the ones above are said to be the most common.

Ashley Young 

Aston Villa’s Ashley Young also makes this list mainly for having weird eating habits. The former Manchester United player has revealed that he only prefers to eat chips in pairs and that they need to be of the same length. If he does not find such chips, he even goes in looking for them.

The process is more or less about chips having a suitable partner, although we don’t really understand how that is making a difference to its quality. Regardless it is not our superstition but that of Ashley Young. 

Jamie Vardy

Leicester City’s famous striker, Jamie Vardy, who is known to have broken several Premier League records, is a part of this weird list because the marksman once spoke about his insane superstition.

Vardy admitted to drinking about half a bottle of port and when it comes to the day of the game, he goes about chucking three cans of Red Bull. As another weird habit, it only goes to show how certain footballers get themselves ready for a game.

Johan Cruyff

The late Dutch master and Ajax hero, Johan Cruyff is also known for his superstitions and they are quite weird. Before every game, Cruyff used to punch his goalkeeper, Gert Bals in the stomach and then also spit chewing into the opponent’s half.

This practice used to go on regularly and the one time he missed it, Ajax were beaten by AC Milan in the 1969 European Cup Final.

Lionel Messi 

Another footballing legend and arguably one of the best in the world has a superstition that he has been following for years. Lionel Messi, before taking a set-piece, places the ball with both his hands, takes the same amount of steps back, spreads them, takes a deep breath and shoots. 

Since the rest of that story usually ends up as a goal, there is no need for a continuation. 

Mesut Ozil 

We don’t have to tell you how Mesut Ozil used to terrorise his opponents each time he got a chance to do so. As a player, he has proved his worth in major leagues and a part of that could be, at least according to him, regarded to his superstitions. 

Ozil always insists on tying several knots to his boots and also puts on his right boot first. While we don’t understand the significance, we are merely here to tell you about these superstitions.

David Beckham

Considering the fact that legends have already been a part of this list, it would continue to make sense to add David Beckham’s name to the list. Beckham, who has admitted that he suffers from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) has a special habit that many will consider to be weird. 

The former Manchester United player ensures that everything in his fridge is perfectly arranged before leaving for a game. A new level of weirdness. 

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