West Ham responds to claims regarding transfer of Lucas Paqueta

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West Ham and Man City’s deal for Lucas Paqueta was hit by the allegations against the Brazilian forcing an investigation.

West Ham and Man City had struck a deal worth £85m for Lucas Paqueta last summer. However, none of them would have expected the things to go South like this.

The Brazillian has got an investigation started against him claiming his alleged involvement in illegal betting. The illegal betting is believed to be over his involvement in yellow cards.

Regardless, the news has put the Hammers’ plan for this summer to a halt. The side was planning to use that £85m to build the team for the upcoming season.

Boss David Moyes recently revealed that he was about to sign Cole Palmer from Man City until the deal fell. Further reports tell that Manchester City too was ‘more ready than ever’ to sign the Brazillian this summer.

Regardless, the deal can’t move ahead as of now until the FA makes a verdict. Earlier it was also speculated that the allegations wouldn’t last and the case would be dropped. However, that doesn’t seem the case right now.

Paqueta linked with new deal outside Man City

Since the FA has charged the Brazilian officially, the ‘dream’ move of Paqueta to Man City has hit a bump again.

Regardless, West Ham fans have wanted the midfielder to be sold anyway.

The fate of Paqueta will be determined by a three-person independent panel which will take place on an undisclosed date and time.

Regardless, one thing is for sure Paqueta will be leaving West Ham one way or the other. If the player is found guilty of all the charges, he will receive a long ban and the Hammers would be free to sue him. On the other hand, if the charges against him are dropped then the deal can go ahead as planned.

Nevertheless, West Ham will have to wait for the final decision by the FA.

Or do they?

Well, the prospect of Paqueta going to the Saudis came around a month ago. The Saudi club Al Nassar offered to sign Paqueta after the charges against him were raised. This means West Ham could get some money even if the player is banned.

Further now, last night a report from Brazil outlet OGlobo claimed that the Flamengo are trying to hit a deal for Paqueta. This is to take him back to where his career began. It claims the side has offered many options with a loan and an obligation to buy Paqueta if and when the charges are cleared.

This will definitely not be liked by Man City who are still eyeing to add the midfielder to their squad once the charges are cleared.

Further, what will West Ham make of this offer from the Brazilians?

West Ham responds to the reports

Regarding the report, a senior source in West Ham responded. The interest from Flamengo was confirmed this morning.

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Sean Whetstone, a top source in West Ham responded to the claims confirming the Brazilian offer for Paqueta. However, what he added would relieve the Man City camp:

“Reports that Flamengo are in negotiations with West Ham over a loan for Lucas Paqueta are NOT TRUE a senior club source has revealed this morning,” Whetstone said.

“The source did confirm Flamengo did approach the Hammers months ago with a loan offer for the Brazilian Hammer but it was firmly rejected and there were no talks.”

Source: hammers.news

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