What you need to know about bookmaking in India


When we talk of bookmaking in India, one question that pops up is whether betting is legal in India. Do not be surprised when you cannot get a clear answer to this question, this has been the case for so long. Even among the experts, you may not get an outright answer on the legality of betting in India.

Kate Richardson, a Mightytips.com betting expert and a sports enthusiast will attempt to explore the legality of sports betting in India. As you will find out, the legality of betting in India is a complex topic, however, in this article, Kate Richardson will try to dissect it for you and in the end, and you will understand how bookmaking works in India.

To answer this question, let’s talk about the specific piece of legislation that touches on betting in India. This is the Public Gaming Act of 1867; this law says that all types of gambling are illegal in India.

The next question that any betting enthusiast in India may ask is why there are so many bookmakers operating in the country if indeed any type of gambling is outlawed. Does it mean that placing a bet on your favourite cricket game is not allowed? Yes, as per the Public Gaming Act, it is not allowed to place a bet on games such as cricket. Probably you may have read in the newspapers about shutting down businesses involved in cricket betting, the authorities rely on this piece of legislation to execute the raids on these establishments.

The matter is even complicated further when the law makes a distinction between the game of skill and chance. So, it is not entirely illegal to bet in India, punters are allowed to wager on games of skill. Unfortunately, cricket is not part of this, however, lotteries and horse racing bets are allowed in India.

For many people, it is not clear why betting on some games is allowed while for others such as cricket it is outrightly outlawed. With this confusion, it may not be easy to tell whether you are allowed to bet in India or not. It is advisable to exercise caution when it comes to betting in India. You may get yourself into trouble with the law. We have read in the news of cases where people get fined up to 200 rupees while others are imprisoned for breaking the gambling laws.

Where can you bet legally in India?

While the Public Gaming Act outlaws betting in India, there are some regions where the law is not applicable. India is such a large and diverse country and it should not surprise you that in some states you can bet without attracting the wrath of the authorities. One such place is the North-Eastern region of Sikkim.

The state has been pushing its case for legal betting, something that was seen with the opening of the first casino a decade ago. This opened an opportunity for the betting enthusiasts to win large sums of money in lotteries, a game of chance. Goa and Daman are other areas where casinos have been opened. This is a clear indication that betting is legal in some areas of the country but it’s only operated by licensed lotteries and casinos.

Online betting in India

Another question that pops up quickly is on the large number of bookmakers operating in India yet betting is illegal in the country. It is important to understand that there is no outright law that bans online betting in the country.

People have used this legal loophole to engage in online sports betting without worrying about offending the authorities. Bookmakers have explored this avenue and with technological advancement, they have penetrated a market that frowns against betting to establish them as betting kings.

India has one of the largest numbers of bettors despite its strict laws against betting. You may not find bookmakers who are based in the country due to these restrictions but millions of players have been using off-shore bookmakers to place their bets. This has made online betting a big business in India, you will find several bookmakers offering wagering services for the bettors in the country.
Which bookmakers are available for Indian bettors?
With an understanding of the betting scene in India let’s now dwell on the betting sites that Indian bettors can patronize while ensuring they do not break the gaming laws in the country. They include:
⦁ BetWinner, a bookmaker that is based in Cyprus
⦁ 1xBet, another Cyprus based sportsbook that offers a wide range of markets covering major sports in the world
⦁ Spin Palace Sports, a Malta-based sportsbook where Cricket is offered as one of the favourite games with Indian’s bettors

Selecting the best bookmaker

With a large number of bookmakers in India selecting one which will give you a great experience can be a herculean task. We recommend that you start with the reviews provided by Mightytips.com experts; here you will get comprehensive reviews on bookmakers in India. We offer objective reviews and ratings to assist the users to select the best betting sites.

We also offer tips that bettors can use to select bookmakers that can be trusted with their personal information as well as offer a betting experience that wagers can enjoy. Among the factors that you need to consider in the selection process includes:
⦁ The legal status of the sportsbook will determine whether your money and personal data is safe
⦁ What payment options are available and whether you can access them in India?
⦁ What promotions and bonuses are offered by the bookmaker? This will determine the kind of betting experience you get. Promotions and bonuses can help you save, so go for a bookmaker who has the sweetest deal
⦁ How is the platform designed? To get a great experience, the bookmaker website or platform should be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and also have features that make your interaction safe and secure.

Betting in India may not be outrightly legal but that does not mean you can not engage in legal online betting. The law is silent on online betting, a loophole that betting sites and punters have exploited to engage in gaming without breaking the law. All that you need as a betting enthusiast in India is to know which places you can bet legally and the bookmakers that you can patronize for a great experience.

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