FIFA to implement robot referees in Chelsea FIFA CWC fixture

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FIFA are all set to introduce robot referees in the FIFA Club World Cup next week. The FIFA Club World Cup is going to commence from 8th February, in Abu Dhabi. Meanwhile, the robot referees are going to be a new initiative from FIFA to reduce the chances of human error via referees. Moreover, the robot referees will be used for the first time as Chelsea begin their CWC journey.

There has been a lot of backlashes recently, due to some mistakes made by the referees in important games. The Video Assistant Referee was introduced two years ago, to fill the gaps that were left by the human eye. However, there have still been instances where a lack of proper implementation and failure of technology has led to errors.

Hence, to fix these errors, FIFA has introduced a limb-tracking technology that will rely on special cameras attached to the roofs of the stadium. The technology will draw up the animated skeletons of players which will help in making quick decisions.

How will the Robot referees function in Chelsea CWC fixture

Meanwhile, Video assistant referees will receive an instant alert from the technology to determine the decision about a player being offside. Moreover, the technology was first implemented at the Arab Cup held in Qatar. It will now be. If everything goes right, we can expect the technology to be used at the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Meanwhile, UEFA Champions League winners Chelsea will hope to bag another trophy after winning the UEFA Super Cup at the start of the season. They play their first match on 9th February. In the coming days, we will know about their potential opponents.


FIFA says it has the “potential to provide new insights for coaches, medical staff, and fans” and the technology would enable backroom staff to “analyze the action from the point of view of a specific player on the pitch, scrutinize a match-changing moment from the perfect angle or get a bird’s-eye view of the pitch.”

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