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I love to watch football and analyzing it.

A scientific geek passionate about football and music!

A normal kid from India who happens to be crazy in love with football more than anything.


My name is Rishabh Jallan and i'm currently pursuing a BBA Degree from CMS Jain University. I love football and analyzing the game makes me extremely happy. My favorite club is Juventus and my favorite player is Ronaldo

Supported Manchester United for my whole existence. I know a bit about last-minute heartbreaks and happiness.

Arsenal fan, Trusting the process since 2010 😂!

Always, Everytime, Everyday, it's Football

I am a student pursuing I want to be a great content Writer.

Student and football lover.

Football Express connects football fans from all over the world. We provide football entertainment in its purest and most exciting form.

A Nature lover, occupy myself into cooking and building scientific knowledge. You could have a resourceful scientific conversation with me anytime!!

Hi, I am 23 yrs old, Mass Media student from Kolkata.

I'm a an enthusiastic and passionate Football fan who loves to share his football opinions and analysis through Writing. I love to mix my articles with critique,humour and stats or metrics(they tell us more about the game). I also have made Football Edits on my YouTube Channel SKILLZDINHO so do check it out.

A bilingual bum seen doting the whole of Latin America in her freetime.

Football Content Writer.

Freelance Football Writer | He covers topics related to football around the world and follows Indian Football closely.

I am a student and I am really passionate about football.

Learnt a lot about life through football. A football aficionado.

I am Lakshmisree.saravanan .I was born on 18/02/2002. i have done my high school and higher secondary in Lourdes girls higher secondary school. Currently i am pursuing my U.G in corporate secretaryship in Valliyammal college for women under Madras university

#contentwriter | Final year sports science student | I write posts and articles | I might not be where I want to be yet, but I get closer everyday

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