Jurgen Klopp on his Liverpool journey

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Liverpool boss, Jurgen Klopp has provided his insights on his Liverpool journey so far. He doesn’t judge Liverpool on trophies. Klopp, who became manager of the club in 2015 has made the club one of the most feared teams in the world.

Jurgen Klopp and his Liverpool connection

Jurgen Klopp left Dortmund in the summer of 2015 with a plan of taking a break from football. But, destiny had different plans for him. The German was on a vacation with his family in Lisbon, the city which has Benfica FC. They will face Liverpool in the Champions League Quarterfinals.

He was approached by the Liverpool officials during his vacation in Lisbon. Moreover, Klopp has a soft corner for Lisbon, the city that leads him to Liverpool.

Klopp in his recent press conference has recalled the scene. That call did change my life.

“It was not Mike Gordon on the phone, I spoke to him later, it was my agent on the phone, he told me about the (Liverpool) interest. We were completely in the holiday mood, so I didn’t follow some rumors around. But with two sons around they pick up pretty much everything and I knew from them a little bit that a couple of things could happen.

The phone rang and I didn’t pick up a lot of phone calls at that time because my family was around so why should I talk to anybody? But it was my agent who is my friend as well. And when he said ‘yeah Liverpool is calling’, the boys were looking at me, and at that moment for them, the decision was made. (My wife) Ulla then had to put the thumb up and it was clear we would do it because it just felt right from the first second.”

Since joining Liverpool he has transformed them into one of the best sides of the world. Moreover, he also ended their 30-year wait for the League title. And also won the league in the 2019-20 season. Liverpool’s 6th Champions League title was possible only because of Klopp.

He has made signings for the future along with some Marquee signings. His fairytale journey is admired by Liverpool supporters all over the world.

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