Philippe Coutinho might be wearing Barcelona’s Number 10 jersey


According to several reports FC Barcelona might pass on the iconic number 10 jersey to Brazilian midfielder Philippe Coutinho. Until last season legend, Lionel Messi donned the number 10 jersey. But this time it is different as Messi left Barcelona after having issues signing his new contract. Following which the debate arises about who will wear the Number 10 jersey next in the club. And as per the report, it seems it may be Coutinho.

As per the fans’ opinion, Barcelona should retire the number 10 jersey, but as per La Liga rules, it is impossible. Only two numbers are currently available at the club, numbers 10 and 25. Earlier Coutinho used to wear the number 14 jersey but this season it has been given to Rey Manaj. Following which the Brazilian is without a jersey number.

Coutinho is familiar with the number 10 as he used to don that number during his prime days with Liverpool. While he also wore the number 10 jersey at Bayern Munich when he was sent on loan. But this time Coutinho may be wearing the iconic number 10 jersey of Barcelona.

It is still not confirmed by the club as currently, they may be negotiating his departure this summer. Barcelona have zero interest in keeping Coutinho as he has been a headache for them. The Brazilian was out of the team most of the time last season due to injury and only appeared 12 times for Barcelona.

But due to his poor form, no buyer is ready to pay a decent amount to sign the midfielder. If he stays at the club this season then he might be wearing any of the number 10 or 25 jersey. Let’s see how the Barcelona fans react to this and if can stand up to the legacy of number 10.

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