Pundit slams Jamie Carragher after an unfair treatment on Richarlison 

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Former midfielder Jamie O’Hara has denounced Jamie Carragher after the Liverpool legend’s unfair commentary against Richarlison. 

The former defender was on commentary duty on Sky Sports in the Merseyside derby. And during the game, Carragher slammed the Brazilian forward for his theatrics and his tendency to go down softly. 

However, on one occasion the replay showed that the former Watford man rolled his ankle in trying to stop Thiago Alcantara. After looking at the replay the former center-back showed some sympathy for the forward and said he was a bit ‘harsh’ on Richarlison. 

But, speaking on TalkSports, Jamie O’Hara expressed his frustration with Jamie Carragher’s commentary and said the former defender was wrong in that situation. O’Hara said:

“I don’t think he was [theatrical]. I think the two they were moaning about in the first half, one was a corner that came at him really quick and he headed it away and it frazzled him a little bit, and the second was an innocuous challenge that actually hurt him.

“And it was just because they [Liverpool] were getting frustrated, and the fans were getting on his back. I think it was a little bit harsh to say he was cheating, he wasn’t. I thought Richarlison played really well. The two [times] when he went down was when he was actually hurt. I think it was a bit harsh from Carragher to say ‘get up, get up’.”

Was Jamie Carragher right in his criticism about Richarlison? 

Richarlison indeed tends to go down softly in search of cheap fouls. The Brazilian tried to do the same on a few occasions that day. 

However, on which incident Carragher was furious on the forward. It looked like a legitimate reason to go down in pain. However, thankfully the Brazilian didn’t get hurt badly and was able to play the full 90 minutes. 

Meanwhile, Jamie Carragher, a pro-Liverpool fan, on Commentary duty in the Liverpool games, is annoying from a neutral fan’s point of view. So, it wasn’t the right attitude from a commentator. And he should remain neutral for a whole game. 

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