Sir Jim Ratcliffe made a last-ditch attempt to buy Chelsea 


INEOS owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe made a huge £4.25 billion bid to buy Chelsea FC from Russian owner Roman Abramovic. 

The London club is up for sale since the Russian billionaire decided to sell the club following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, a deadline to make the bids were determined as of April 11.

Following the closing of the bidding war, four bidders were shortlisted as the potential candidate to take over the club’s ownership by the Raine Group who are handling the selling process on behalf of Roman Abramovic. 

However, Sir Jim Ratcliffe made a huge bid after consulting with the Blues’ chairman Bruce Buck. The bid is reportedly better than any other bidders who have been shortlisted. The amount is reported as £4.25 billion. Among these amounts, £1.75 billion will be invested directly into the club over the next 10 years. 

Will Ratcliffe be able to buy Chelsea? 

The process of handing over the new ownership was reportedly in the final stages. However, the recent demand by Roman Abramovic has put this process on hold. The Russian initially stated that the loan of £1.6 billion wasn’t needed to be paid by the new owners. 

However, the Russian billionaire has made a U-turn and is currently demanding that amount need to be paid. So, this situation has Jeopardized the process of selling the club. 

Meanwhile, Chelsea has been granted special permission to finish the season as they are currently sanctioned by the UK government. However, the permission will end at the end of this season. 

So, if the owner does not change its hand by the end of this season. Then the club will not make any transfer business. And therefore, the Blues’ future is currently unclear and it will be interesting to see what the future holds for one of the most successful football clubs in the world. 

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