Bala Devi Returns to India After 18 Months for Rehabilitation


Bala Devi Returns to India after 18 months due to a knee injury. And the 31-year-old forward states that she could use this period for her rehabilitation. Bala Devi made history when she became the first Indian woman to sign a professional contract in Europe.

She joined the Scottish Club Rangers FC last February. And she recently faced a knee injury. Her Visa is to be expired soon. She believes that this Time period could help her to regain her glory days back.

“I couldn’t extend the visa by staying in the UK I had to exit. I don’t know when I’ll go back I have to do rehab, so it might be better for me to spend time at home for now,”- said Bala Devi.

And Rangers FC also recently extended her contract for 6-months. And it is to be noted that the officials of Rangers FC will be closely monitoring Bala Devi during this Rehab Period.

She has been playing for Indian Women Team since she was 15. With 58 Appearances she scored 52 Goals she has contributed a lot to Indian Football. While looking her domestic career including IWL she scored more than 100 goals. And she scored 2 goals for the Scottish Club in which the second one was scored recently.

“It’s not easy scoring in Europe, I have not always played as a forward and the essence is on an all-round game. I could have scored earlier, but missed. You don’t get too many chances. Performance-wise I did fine.”- Said the 31-year-old forward.

Bala Devi had a chance earlier in 2014 to move to a Spanish Club. But her circumstances at that time made that move not even closer.

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