Indian Eves go up one spot in the most recent FIFA rankings


In the most recent FIFA World Rankings, which were published on Friday, Indian women rose one position to take up position 60.

In the most recent rankings, which the international football governing body revealed in March, India was ranked 61st.

Moreover indian eves are ranked slightly above Iran and a step behind Croatia in the most recent list.

The United States has maintained its top spot in the rankings. Followed by the European four of Germany, Sweden, England, and France.

However, there have been changes in the teams in the Top 50. With Spain (6th, plus 1), Canada (7th, minus 1), Brazil (8th, plus 1), and the Netherlands (9th, minus 1) switching places.

India’s recent victories have demonstrated their tenacity and spirit of competition. India demonstrated their skill in a friendly encounter against Uzbekistan, although they narrowly lost the game, 3-2. The squad, however, learned a lot from the game and identified areas where they can go better.

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Indian women’s rose up one step in FIFA rank

The improvement in the FIFA rating will also give the Blue Tigresses more confidence. Going into the second round of Olympic qualifying matches against better opposition like Japan and Vietnam. They are now placed 11th and 32nd in the FIFA global rankings, respectively.

The largest improvements may be seen farther down. But among the teams in that elevated portion of the Ranking, Denmark (13th, plus 2), Nigeria (40th, plus 2), and the Philippines (46th, plus 3) have all made minor advancements.

IR The highest climbers overall are Bhutan (171st, plus 7) in FIFA rank. Thanks to victories against Jordan (73rd, minus 5), and Timor-Leste (156th, minus 3). Moreover, other notable movers include Iran (61st, plus 6), Lebanon (138th, plus 4), and Pakistan (157th, plus 4). Indonesia (105th, minus six), which has dropped six positions, is the nation that has fallen the most. 

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