Defender Tejas Krishna signs for newly promoted Punjab FC


Defender Tejas Krishna has signed up to play for the newly promoted team, Punjab FC. Let’s delve into this heartwarming story and see how Tejas’s journey to the football field has become a reality.

Tejas Krishna: A Young Football Talent

Tejas Krishna is a talented young football player who loves the game from his heart. He has always dreamed of playing professionally for a top team; and his hard work and dedication have finally paid off. Tejas is known for his strong defensive skills, making it tough for opponents to score goals.

The day Tejas Krishna got the offer to play for Punjab FC was a thrilling moment for him and his family. It was like a dream come true! Punjab FC; a team that has just been promoted to a higher division, saw potential in Tejas and believed he could be a valuable addition to their squad.

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For Tejas and his family, this is a proud moment indeed. They have supported him throughout his football journey, and now they see him taking a big step towards his dreams. Tejas’s parents and siblings cheered with joy as he signed the contract with Punjab FC.

Tejas is excited and ready to take on the challenge of playing for Punjab FC. He knows it won’t be easy, but he is determined to give his best on the field. Tejas will be training hard, learning from experienced players, and working closely with the coaches to improve his skills even further.


Tejas Krishna’s signing with Punjab FC celebrates his talent and hard work. Moreover, it proves that determination and love for the game can make dreams come true. Tejas’s journey is sure to inspire young footballers to chase their goals and believe in themselves. As he steps onto the football field wearing the Punjab FC jersey, we wholeheartedly send our best wishes to Tejas for a successful and fulfilling career in football. Let the cheers of his fans and the excitement of his family continue to motivate him on this incredible journey!

Tejas Krishna’s journey from a young football enthusiast to signing with Punjab FC inspires other aspiring players. It vividly demonstrates that dreams can indeed become a reality with passion, perseverance, and dedication. Kids who passionately love football look up to Tejas as a strong role model and fervently hope to follow in his determined footsteps.

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