Fantasy Premier League GW 27: Review and Our Team Performance


Fantasy Premier League Game-Week 27 for Football Express team was a horror show with no one in the team giving any returns apart from Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Son who managed to grab an assist in the game which Tottenham tore apart Crystal Palace.

Manchester City have managed to keep only a single clean sheet from their last 6 Premier League games and only Arsenal have managed to keep fewer.

Football Express team were only able to gather 28 points from the game week were the average was around 60 points. The main downfall of this week’s team was due to Manchester City defenders who were unable to keep clean sheets in either of their games. Manchester City also lost to Manchester United which came in as surprise to many.

How the Football Express Team fared this Fantasy Premier League GW 27:

The Football Express team as well as all the other Fantasy managers were looking to get an amazing result this game-week which would have boosted our ranks and help us finish strong in this game in the end.

McCarthy was also absent for the first game in which Fraser Foster managed to grab a clean sheet against Sheffield United. For many managers he came in the following game against Manchester City which added to further problems for many managers. Danny Ings also got injured which added to further problems the Football Express team

Let’s hope the game week 28 brings some positive results for us and hope the luck goes our way and into our starting 11 and not on our bench.

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