Juventus made ‘a mistake’ of letting Dybala go

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Juventus confirmed months ago that they will not be renewing Paulo Dybala‘s contract. Dybala eventually made up his mind to leave the club and is now a part of Jose Mourinho’s Roma. Juventus received criticism over letting their star player leave when he could have offered much more. Juventus were ready to offer him a new contract but things changed over time and they decided not to. It was a management decision that was lauded by some and challenged by some.

Dybala spent 6 years at Juventus where he carried the club to a 2017 Champions League final. He was the main man at the club Cristiano Ronaldo joined. Ronaldo coming to Juventus really hindered Dybala’s growth as a player. Moreover, the Argentinian suffered from injuries and never had much continuity. Juventus were hesitant to invest in Dybala again given his track record with fitness. The 28-year-old, on his day, is one of the best in the world.

Legendary player Incocciati admitted that he loves Dybala, and does not understand why Juventus would not keep him.

“Juve-Roma? I am in love with Dybala and for me he is the model footballer. I put him in the same way as the many champions and he is indispensable for the imagination of this team. It will make the difference, stimulated by having that one in front of him. team that has put him in difficulty. We complain about not having players like that and then we send them away.”

What Can Dybala bring to Roma?

Dybala to Roma was the most awaited transfer in this whole transfer window. Jose Mourinho was keen to bring a player of his caliber to Roma which would make them Title challengers. Roma won the Conference League last season under Mourinho and look to be on their way to another successful season. Mourinho always said that the team missed unpredictability in the attack.

Dybala is one of the most technical players in world football. The Argentinian possesses impeccable dribbling skills, brilliant close control, and insane vision for an attacker. It will be interesting to see how he can take this Roma team to the next level and pair up with Tammy Abraham. The duo can be a menace for Serie A teams and provide that extra something that Roma have not had in years.

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