Juventus organized a friendly to check on their injured players

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In an effort to test their fitness, Paul Pogba, Dusan Vlahovic, and Juan Cuadrado featured in a friendly game. Juventus arranged the match to check on the fitness of the players and to get them back in shape.

Since Pogba was injured during pre-season, he hasn’t played for Juventus this season. But he is eager to return. Juve played 45 minutes of friendly football against Fossano yesterday after their training.

In spite of the fact that Pogba, Cuadrado, and Vlahovic played in the match, there is no guarantee that they will be available when the Bianconeri faces Atalanta in Serie A on Saturday. Juve will not rush these guys back to action before they are fully fit. In lieu of that, they will allow them to continue to work on their fitness.

What did Juventus say?

The club said:

“It is important for us(Juventus) to ensure these players return when they are fully prepared to start playing again.”

With their return, the Juventus team will be an even stronger squad than before.

The Bianconeri won their last 4 matches in the Serie A and are currently in the 3rd position just above Inter. Napoli is placed at the top comfortably keeping themselves 9 and 10 points clear of Milan and Juventus.

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