Juventus to set up their first academy in Kerala, India


The first Juventus academy in India, the project will start at the beginning of April. The Juventus academy project will start in the Kerala region with three active locations in the cities of Trivandrum, Kochi, and Kottayam.

This is definitely some exciting news for the football enthusiasts in Kerala. As, the internationally renowned top tier team and the elite football academy, Juventus football academy. Are setting their training institutes through franchise turf and school. Juventus are same team for which superstars of world football like Cristiano Ronaldo, Paulo Dybala, and Gianluigi Buffon play for.

Indian youngsters will be glad to be a part of such an honorable club, the club which have so much heritage and legacy. This initiative would play an essential part in the building of India’s future generation in football. This move comes through one of the leading and certified coaches Mebin Sam Mathew from Thiruvalla, Kerala. European university alumni in sports management and Director of Jovenes Estrellas Internazionale (OPC) limited.

Juventus all set to open youth academy in India

This would be the first South-Asian franchisee and celebrated Turin’s club into South Asia and India especially. OPC have won the right to open training academies in Kerala, India. Having already worked with premier sports and football training academies previously. OPC have already laid out plans to open three Juventus Academies for Juventus Academy. Negotiations have finalized to open and operate Juventus Academy, Kerala. Beginning with a private turf in Trivandrum, CMS College in Kottayam, and another priate turf in Kochi.

Juventus academy attempting grow in Kerala, India

This is going to be the best chance to get trained from the best in the business. From one of the biggest club in the history of football. The club which is famous in more than 160 countries. The quality of football and facilities would be at par with their Turin headquarters.

Till now only three three districts clubs are available, But more districts, colleges and school’s are in talks for a chance to host Juventus. Says Mebin who hopes to share the passion for this sport and pass it to the upcoming generations. With the hopes of developing the quality of the nurturing talents of his own homeland.

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