Leandro Trossard Performs Mind-Blowing Skill

Leandro Trossard - Arsenal

Arsenal star Leandro Trossard performed a mind-blowing skill in the recent Belgium match. It takes something special to make headlines on a night where your teammate scores four goals, breaking all kinds of records in the process.

Lukaku is Fourmidable

Romelu Lukaku’s four goals in the first half of the match against Azerbaijan broke the previous record most goals in a European Championship qualification campaign with 14. On the all-time list of European international goal scorers, he has surpassed Robert Lewandowski to take second place; only Cristiano Ronaldo has scored more goals. For Belgium, Lukaku currently has more goals than Pele did for Brazil.
Yes, indeed. It’s all so amazing. Fantastic job, Big Rom.

Leandro Trossard Skill

However, you failed to execute one of the most astounding feats of talent we’ve witnessed this year, did you? Leandro Trossard, please step forward.

The fifth goal in Belgium’s 5-0 defeat was added by the Arsenal attacker in injury time, but what he did just before really left us speechless.

Trossard sprinted onto a loose ball and, with the deftest of touches, flicked the ball up and away from the midfielder from Azerbaijan, sliding in at full speed. He then accomplished another flawless touch in midair to maintain possession of the ball as he landed, darting forward and nutmegging a second player for good measure.

The slow-motion clip is the only one that truly captures the feat of talent, providing us with a much-needed reminder that professional football players are engaged in a completely other sport. With a football, they can perform feats that we simple mortals like you and me can only imagine.

Winning Euros

Will we be able to win the European Championship?” he asked.

That is conceivable. It’s evident when you consider that Italy defeated other teams in the European Championship by fielding players who may not have had the greatest skill set, but who yet supported one another fiercely. With us, I’m starting to feel a little bit of it too. This group of people gets along well and is willing to go above and beyond for one another.

We will not be at odds. Trossard has given us hope that everything is possible after demonstrating that feat of talent.

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