Manisha Kalyan: First Indian to Score in the UEFA Women’s Champions League

Uefa Champions League

Manisha Kalyan is the first Indian to net a goal against Brazil and also becomes the first Indian to score a goal in an UEFA Women’s Champions League match against WFC Samegrelo of Georgia.

In her recent interview with the AIFF, Manisha said,

“Going to Apollon Ladies FC in Cyprus from my small village in Hoshiarpur carries deep significance for my career. I am often the first to reach the field for training and the last to leave. It’s an ample testimony to my hard work, and it brought results. I earned through unwavering hard work, dedication, and determination. It’s still a long way to go.”

Speaking about the difficulties she faced while growing up in Haryana, Manisha said,

“As I said, I’ve made significant sacrifices, and I understand that my focus here is essential to not letting those sacrifices go to waste. Overcoming financial instability and family issues, especially after my father was involved in an accident, has been a rather difficult journey.”

These sacrifices serve as a driving force, strengthening my resolve and preparing my mind to confront any obstacle.”

“Even when facing moments of self-doubt, I remind myself of the immense effort I’ve invested to reach this level, pushing myself every day. I know that my future holds even more sources of motivation. My experiences in Europe, both as a footballer and as an individual, have imparted more mental strength than physical battles ever could.”

Playing in the Asian Games is a significant opportunity, says Manisha:

The AIFF Player of the Year 2023 expressed her pleasure to represent her nation in an international tournament. While sharing her experience of playing in the Asian Games, she said,

“The anticipation of participating in the Asian Games and Olympic Qualifiers Round 2 fills me with excitement. Reuniting with my national team friends and coaches will be a special moment. Playing for my country gives me immense pride; there’s a unique feeling when I don the national jersey that nothing else can match.”

The 21-year-old forward also added,

“The Asian Games represent a significant opportunity for women’s football in India, with Chinese Taipei and Thailand standing as formidable teams with good rankings. The prospect of competing against such strong opponents is truly exhilarating, keeping me focused and motivated.”

Manisha Kalyan wants India to participate in the FIFA World Cup:

Speaking about his future goal, Manisha explained,

“My next goal is to see my country compete in the FIFA World Cup, and I’m committed to contributing through even harder work, seizing better opportunities, and delivering stellar performances with my club.”

She added,

“Seeing people’s happiness when they watch me play, along with the motivating comments on social media platforms, fuels my determination.”

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