“Now, we are done with the goalkeeper”, East Bengal management.


East Bengal is one of the most popular football clubs in India. They have a long history of success, but they have not won the Indian Super League title since 2014. One of the reasons for their recent struggles has been their goalkeeping. Explore East Bengal management said, “Now we are done with the goalkeeper.”

The search for a new goalkeeper

In the past few seasons, East Bengal has had a revolving door of goalkeepers. They have signed several different goalkeepers, but none of them have been able to consistently perform at a high level. As a result, East Bengal’s defense has been leaky. They have conceded the most goals in the Indian Super League this season. But here are some player

Firstly, as East Bengal looks to strengthen its squad and adapt to the redefined goalkeeper position, it should consider targeting talented goalkeepers like Samik Mitra, Gurmeet Singh, and Prabhsukhan Singh Gill.

Secondly, Samik Mitra has shown great promise in the Indian football scene, displaying exceptional shot-stopping abilities and composure under pressure. His agility and reflexes make him a valuable asset for any team.

Additionally, Gurmeet Singh has demonstrated excellent distribution skills and can launch quick counterattacks. His proficiency in playing the ball out from the back aligns perfectly with East Bengal’s vision for their goalkeepers.

The management’s decision

The East Bengal management has decided that they need to find a new goalkeeper to improve their defense. “East Bengal management actively seeks a new goalkeeper who can help them improve their defense. The management has not yet announced any specific targets, but they are reportedly looking for a goalkeeper who is experienced and who has a good track record.


The search for a new goalkeeper is a critical one for East Bengal. If they can find a goalkeeper who can improve their defense, they will be in a much better position to challenge for the Indian Super League title. East Bengal’s bold step to redefine the goalkeeper position demonstrates the club’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

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