Rohit Sharma Praises ISL Initiative


Rohit Sharma, the captain of the Indian cricket team, complimented the Indian Super League (ISL). He did so for assisting the national football squad in making significant advancements in international football. Speaking at a gathering in Mumbai, Rohit expressed his admiration for the Blue Tigers‘ high level of self-assurance. He urged them to succeed over the next demanding international football season.

All praises from Captain Rohit Sharma

Big kudos from the ICT skipper to his blue counterparts. “They have taken a giant leap in where they are at this moment, said Rohit about the Indian football team. “The ISL has played a huge part in that. The most important thing is for people to get exposure. Even for us in cricket, when the emergence of the IPL happened, a lot of our local players got exposure playing with international stars. That is what the leagues in India are doing,” Rohit Sharma said during the event.

The Indian national team has recently been dominating multi-nation competitions. Beginning with their victory in the Intercontinental Cup in Odisha in June. They immediately succeeded with a resounding victory in the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) tournament in Bengaluru in July. The Sunil Chhetri-led team plans to put on a strong show.

Captain’s Wish To The Blues

“I would love for them to play against one of the top European teams and go neck-to-neck. Whenever I see them play, they look quite confident. Definitely, they have a lot of skills as well. It is just about exposure. The more and more exposure they get by playing in Europe and other parts of the world, they are only going to get better,” Rohit Sharma signed off.

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