Super League backed by Barcelona and Real Madrid

What prevented

The 2 biggest clubs in world football, Barcelona and Real Madrid are known to dominate eras. The last decade was dominated by the 2 Spanish teams and no wonder why fans are made for them. Players came and gone but never did the fanbase of the club changed once. Florentino Perez and Joan Laporta are 2 of the biggest and smartest politicians you would know around in Spain. It is quite astonishing how both of them played so many big and controversial moves in their presidential career and still got away with it. The European Super League is another one that the duo are in support of and have stuck to it since day 1.

A22 Sports Management is the company behind the Super League. Bernd Reichart, the CEO has insisted that many European clubs still are in support of the project and believe that the project is still alive. This dates back to the 18th of April when the Super League was founded by 12 elite teams. But that did not last long as all the premier league clubs involved withdrew but Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus still held on. The Spanish giants retweeted a tweet of Reichart, calling for the birth of the Super League and how it is economically sustainable.

Reichart said,

It’s a long path, but we want to go through it step by step, without interruptions. We invited European football to a dialogue. To some extent, we made more steps forward in the last 12 hours than in the last 18 months. We reached out to the whole football family, beyond UEFA. They agree that European football needs reform because it can’t carry on like this. It was UEFA with its threats, sanctions and expulsions that brought the matter to courts. We want to create a system that allows clubs to grow through sporting merit.

What will be the Super League format?

Reichart also said on how clubs will enter the League and why this league will be better than Uefa’s.

A guaranteed entry is not something we are currently contemplating. The design of the format, however, must be the fruit of dialogue. To date, we do not have a definitive format. I only say that sporting merit will apply to all participants in the Super League. We don’t want to affect domestic leagues, so we are talking of a competition played midweek.”

There’s no deadline when we’ll know more once we have certainties from the courts, but it’s hard to imagine a start before 2024-25. The new UCL format goes in the wrong direction because there will be more group-stage games. Some clubs won’t face each other but will be in the same ranking. It will be tough to follow it passionately until the knock-out phase begins in March.”

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